• The Minor Arcana - Page of Swords

      Fortitude, Honesty, Mental Acuity

      The Page of Swords is an interesting card. It is someone blooming into the possibilities of the suit, of someone sharp and cunning, but has yet to master it fully. They are young but have mastered a number of traits needed to complete their journey. They are messengers to you for the suit of swords.

      The suit of swords is about developing your mental acuity. This card, as a person, will be one who challenges you in a number of ways. It could also be they simply have a knack for bringing such things to you. Thankfully, you will have the ability to decline, they are the messenger. To overcome these challenges though, you will need to use the traits of the swords suit.

      This card can also be a call for a reality check. If you find yourself to be the Page, it is time to look at matters as the card would. That is to say only the unvarnished truth will do. You can simply cut to the heart of the matter and resolve it.

      Lastly, this card speaks of fortitude. The young are tougher than many will give them credit for and they can outlast many older adults in any number of things. This card can speak of a series of events that will test just that.
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