• The Major Arcana - The Magician

      Taking Action, Acting Consciously, Concentration, Experiencing Power

      The Magician is a representation of the influence one has over their own actions. He represents, in a sense, the Positive World that we can all influence with our various tools. It is important to remember that Positive is being used in a different sense. It more directly refers to the world we can add anything to through our actions. This card is about understanding the motivations behind your own actions. It is demonstrating purpose and drive in your actions. It is calling on your own energy to be vibrant in life. It is to be aware of your present situation and understanding the actions to take.

      The Fool's Journey
      Almost immediately the Fool meets the Magician. The Magician gifts to the Fool the four suits of the Minor Arcana, some coins, a sword, a chalice and blesses the Fool's own staff. The Magician demonstrates to the Fool how to take action in the world, how to harness his creative energy through concentration. The Magician teaches the Fool to call on his own Willpower and confidence to make anything possible. He recounts times of his own powers and how they always come from his focused mind, his ability to act with certainty because he understands the situation perfectly. He stresses to the Fool that his power flows from his will and determination.
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