• The Minor Arcana - Nine of Swords

      Anguish, Fears, Guilt

      This card shows another duality, that our securities can also let loose those fears that we keep deep within. The very thing that has brought you success and defeat, love and loss, your mind, now turns its lens to your dark fears and brings them to new heights.

      With the Nine of Swords, it shows another side of the powers everyone's mind has. While the Three of Swords tells of something external, Nine has us face something within our self. A battle that resides within yourself can only be dealt with by you and will not let you rest until you do.

      For all that the card promises to bring to light, it can simply be warning of a rough road ahead. It shows the crack in the blade that needs to be reforged, a point of vulnerability that needs to be attended to. The trick with that is since you know about it, you can prepare to build from this weakness. Keep your mind sharp and your eyes open. Do not let your fears get the better of you and you will emerge a much stronger person.
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