• The Minor Arcana - Four of Swords

      Reprieve, Quiet Preparation, Contemplation

      When it comes to the Swords suit, it is easy to see the story that they tell. In a suit filled with strife and conflict, this is one of the few cards that shows anything at peace. While resting, usually armored, it is still rest and a welcome respite after the events likely experienced. For now, it is time to lay down the sword and clear your mind.

      This card shows a time when you can relax your guard. By the same token, it is still posing a challenge, just one where you need to calm yourself. For all the activity around you and the pressing matters that can still be around, it is important to look within and find the calm that is there. This is not a time to be charging around but a time for you to draw your breath. Think of it as the eye of the storm, but a broad one. Events will continue their flow soon enough, but it is waiting for you to catch your breath.

      Another good way to think of this card is the half time call in a game. You get a chance to rest and plan your strategy for what is to come. You can find a sense of stillness now and have more experience to draw on to revise your method of handling the situation. It is a time to rest, and clear your mind though. The best way to figure out some things is to still yourself.
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