• Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

      In the modern age, there are many different Tarot Decks. None though rival the Rider-Waite though in popularity or use. There are a number of decks that were influenced by this deck (like the Golden Tarot or the Aquarian Tarot). This is perhaps the best known deck in the Western hemisphere.

      The Deck was Commissioned by Arthur Edward Waite and illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith. The most unique thing in this deck rest in the Minor Arcana. Prior all the Minor Arcana cards had lacked a full, detailed illustration. While this could have made some interpretation easier, it would make others harder. This made it more accessible and helped broaden the possible interpretations of the various cards because of the detailed backgrounds.

      The Major Arcana itself is wonderful to behold. Thankfully, the stronger Christian influences rampant in earlier tarot decks were mostly removed (as an example the "Pope " became the "Heirophant"). This made the deck much more approachable as the religious context could be removed from the viewing. This alone gave the deck much broader possibilities in readings alone.

      The Minor arcana saw a rise in importance as well with this deck. While the means remain fairly simple, the depth each card offered grew immensely. There are a few names used for each of the suits, but that will only change from deck to deck. This one deck was key in bringing them to their present place in interpretations.

      Many of the cards offer a vibrant color scheme, giving a more approachable feel overall. The more recent versions of the deck use a brighter tone without any true sacrifice to the quality of the deck at large. If anything, it could make more possible for you to notice some minute detail that can influence the outcome of any reading. Many regard this deck as one for various skill levels, from beginners to expert readers.
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