• The Major Arcana - The High Priestess

      Staying passive, Drawing from the Unconscious, Looking for the Potential, Mystery

      Just as the Magician represents the Positive Side of the world, the High Priestess represents the Negative Side of the world. She is a guide from the Unconscious. She stands not for the removal, but the world we cannot influence directly through our actions and willpower. This card stands for hidden secrets and potential. How to stand by and allow events to happen without exerting our will onto it. It is a reminder that there is more than the most obvious elements, like a gentle reminder to look beyond what is immediately there. This is call for you to trust to instincts, intuition and to look within.

      The Fool's Journey
      There is another figure very close to the Magician who draws the Fool over to her. She sits between two pillars on a throne as though to be in front of a greater gateway. Just as the Magician taught the Fool to use his Willpower to shape his choices, she teaches the Fool about the darkness and all the power that rest hidden inside. She shows the Fool how to let his feelings guide him and to find hidden wellsprings within himself. She shows him how to learn from himself. More than anything, she shows the Fool how to still himself and be as the Moon above her, observant.
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