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  • Tarot Made Easy - Using the Major Arcana

    There are times when you will need a more direct answer from your divination. When it is a case of the deck seeming to hold back, it is time to change how you are looking at things. This is a case where you will you to change your perspective. When it comes to working with the Tarot Deck, the way you can change what you see is through changing what you can drew. The Major Arcana is the most potent part of the deck, so calling them out specific for a reading is invoking the height of power within the deck. It will remove some of the shades that could prove helpful, as you will not have the Minor Arcana to provide some clarity, but it will show a clearer form of the answer.

    Examples of Times to Use the Major Arcana
    Life Question - As the Major Arcana represents both great secrets and the journey through life, this is a perfect kind of question to be asking such a focused deck. The hard part is that there will be a number of layers to sift through whenever you use the deck in this manner. it is better to use a simpler spread if you have a vague question but the more focused the question, the easier it will be for you to use a more complex spread.

    Life Complications - When there is something blocking your way, there are times this is the best way to find out what. As the Arcana focuses on secrets this is a good tool to have. The clearer the issue, the easier it will be to see the answer. It can still be done with a complex spread, as that will allow more insight toward the matter. Remember that this will be presented more in the context of life itself so it could take much longer to fully decipher.

    Clarification - Using just the Major Arcana can work just as well to get some clarification on a number of matters. It will require slightly more interpretation at times but it can provide just as clear answers. As many questions that require clarification stem from life itself, this is a natural candidate for this style of tarot reading.

    There are a number of other situations where this could be very useful. Above are some recommended cases where you might want to try this alternate form of the Tarot Deck. There are many other cases as well this spread could prove to be very helpful as well.
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